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The Advanced Flagship Program

Third-Year Courses

After satisfactorily completing ARAB 202, students are eligible to enroll in the Advanced Flagship program. Their preparation for the year-long capstone continues as they complete their 3rd-year Arabic courses in one of three ways:

  1. BYU’s intensive Arabic Study Abroad in Amman, Jordan during fall
  2. on-campus classes in fall and winter (by special arrangement)
  3. the Morocco Summer program or similar (with faculty approval)
Academic Coordinator Dr. Ahmad Karout at the Qatar debates at Harvard in 2019 with some flagship students.

Most students are encouraged to participate in the Jordan study abroad program. Students live near Qasid Institute where they study Arabic with native instructors and one of our very own faculty who directs the program. The program has made a name for itself as a truly intensive program that offers the opportunity of advanced proficiency in conversational and presentational speaking, strong reading skills with Arabic news media, and familiarity with the variety of Arab cultures found today in Jordan. For more information, see the description on the BYU Kennedy Center site.

Advanced Courses and Tutorials

Students in the Advanced Flagship work with the program coordinator to outline a plan for their time on campus before participating in the Morocco Capstone experience. This plan involves:

  • enrolling in advanced Arabic courses (ARAB 411R, ARAB 495R),
  • completing the Morocco Capstone application,
  • applying for various funding/scholarship opportunities, and
  • participating in an intensive preparation course during spring term.

Students enrolled in the advanced flagship will have the opportunity to participate in the Qatar debates. Jonah Phillips (picture above in the center) was awarded 5th best Arabic speaker overall. Caleb Dewey (second photo) placed 3rd in the non-native speaker category.

This part of the program provides the remarkable opportunity for undergraduate students to tailor their Arabic training to their professional goals through one-on-one tutorials with qualified tutors. As such, the advanced Flagship program is ideal even for students majoring in areas not directly related to Arabic or the Middle East. Students in business, engineering, pre-medicine, pre-law, and other fields can develop language abilities specific to the needs of their future profession.