Capstone Finances

Two of the first questions to consider as you think about participating in the Morocco capstone experience are “how much will this cost?” and “how will I pay for it?” 

Before you take a look at the numbers, know that the Arabic Flagship Center on campus and the Language Flagship in Washington D.C. are committed to making Flagship financially possible for as many students as we can. The last thing we want students to think about while studying overseas is their financial troubles.

What does Flagship cost?

While costs change every year, the most recent capstone program (2018-2019) cost each participant about $24,000 total.

In reality this number will be different for each person as they choose different internship locations, housing accommodations, and personal expenditures. We encourage all students to meet with us at the Flagship Center early on to get an idea for what expenses could be.

Where can I find funding?

Fortunately, there are numerous opportunities to receive grants and scholarships to cover the expenses of the capstone experience. Below are common sources of funding with the maximum amount they offer for a year-long program. Follow the link for each grant or scholarship for the most up-to-date information.

Boren Scholarship $25,000
Gilman Scholarship $8,000
Fund for Education Abroad $10,000
BYU College of Humanities $4,500
*The Language Flagship $15,000

*The BYU Flagship Center applies each year for student support funding from The Language Flagship. Up to $15,000 may be given per student, and the combined total is distributed according to need only after all other scholarships and grants have been applied.

While we encourage (and sometimes require) students to apply for funding through these sources, more opportunities are likely available to individual students based on their field of study and career aspirations. Come speak to us in the Arabic Flagship Center to start funding your Morocco Capstone!